SonicView iHub LAN Internet Dongle

March 26, 2010

The SonicView iHub or SonicView Dongle is a serial to ethernet converter for use with the SonicView Premier, SonicView Elite and SonicView 8000 HD. This device allows you to share media and content from your LAN for playback through your STB (receiver). The SonicView iHub also provides for automatic firmware updates directly from SonicView USA. The SonicView iHub / SonicView dongle is a must have for any SonicView 360 or SonicView 8000 HD owner. The SonicView iHub also provides IPTV capability for the SonicView 8000 model.

Product Features:

Media Playback Video: IPTV (only available on SV 8000HD)
Music: Playback of MP3 files over the network
Pictures: View Pictures over the network
Network Communication: Supports encrypted communication over ethernet
Games: Download and play games, play against other users multiplayer (coming soon)
Firmware Upgrade: monitor for firmware upgrades. Automatically install new found firmware.
Background Image: Change the feel of your receiver by downloading new backgrounds from

Technical Specifications:

Architecture TCP/IP: W5100
PHY: Included in W5100
Serial: RS-232
MCU: 62K Bytes in-system programmable (ISP) Flash
Network Interface: 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing RJ-45 Connector
Serial Signals: TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND
Parameters:Data bits: 7,8 | Flow Control: RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF
Speed: Up to 230Kbps
Other Dimensions: 3in x 1.5in (PCB length x width)
Power Consumption: DC 5V, Under 180mA
Temperature: 0c ~ 80c (Operation), -40c ~ 85c (storage)
Humidity: 10 ~ 90%


Viewsat Free to Air

March 24, 2010

Viewsat FTA receiver also known as free to air receiver is used to receive free to air channels that are available and free. Free to air channels offer many TV channels including movies, sports, news, comedy and many more. Most people think that it is no such thing as free television but with a viewsat FTA receiver and a 33 inch dish you will be able to receive hundreds of free channels. these channels have been free for years and are the constantly rising amount of new customers free to air providers are starting to ad more and more channels.

Once you purchase your viewsat FTA receiver it will come preloaded with a factory file, the factory file it’s equipped with all the necessary options to receive free to air channels. Over time the factory files get updated and you will be required to load new updated files to improve your system and ad additional options. Viewsat satellite receivers have also been used to receive encrypted satellite signals by loading a modified file that is often called FTA file or fix file, these files will ad the additional option to view all available satellite signals. The satellite providers are aware of this situation so they are constantly changing their encryption program in hopes to stop piracy.

Since all the signals are traveling by air it is impossible for satellite providers to find out if someone is stealing their signal so all they can do is change the encryption program but the viewsat coders can write the new FTA file within a few hours. This cat and mouse game has been going on for years and the satellite providers have finally won the war by changing their encryption to Nagravision 3. The viewsat coders are working on making new FTA files but this challenge may take months or more. Most viewsat customers believe that there receiver its useless now because they don’t understand that this receiver was made to receive a free to air channels that are still available and free of charge.

A simple adjustment of the dish to receive satellite signals from the free to air satellite’s will open hundreds of free channels. There is many FTA websites that can guide you with instructions and updated factory files, currently the best available place is as it is very user-friendly and has all the available information and files for your viewsat FTA receiver.

To make the set up and Viewsat FTA files update process as simple as possible visit Viewsat FTA Files.

Viewsat Weather Forecaster

March 20, 2010

I am sure a lot of our members wondered what the new WF files for Viewsat are for so here is a little info about Viewsat Weather Forecaster.

While the Viewsat V-Link has been rumoured to be coming for many months, it is the Viewsat Weather Forecaster that has first shipped any units into the market. Some are confused by the two rumoured devices. We have tested the Weather Forecaster with the V-Link loader and were unable to get the weather forecaster and V-Link loader to communicate, signalling in fact that they have absolutely nothing to do with eachother.

The “Viewsat Weather Forecaster” as it is called is a serial to ethernet adapter that comes with its own 5 Volt power adapter and RS-232 cable. If you think it looks a bit familiar you are correct. At first glance you may think this dongle resembles the Sonicview iHub, but you would be wrong. In fact the Viewsat Weather Forecaster is an IX-X00 Dongle, that’s right, just like what is currently used for the CNX Nano 1, Mini, Duo and Trio!

While it remains to be seen what server the Viewsat Weather Forecaster solution will run on, many might be of the opinion that this will run on the same servers supporting the CNX, I-Link, Satzen and Topsat FTA receivers. Of course, this will all be known in time, should the files which are expected to be released this week get in the hands of those testers who have taken the premature leap in acquiring this new device.

As we have suggested in the past you should probably wait until the solution is tested and confirmed working before making any purchases.

Some are wondering since the Viewsat Weather Forecaster is currently selling for $109 USD if they could instead just get the CNX IX-X00 dongle.

Well the Viewsat Weather Forecaster has a serial number on it, just like the Sonicview iHub. I would think that this is not just for show. It is most likely going to be required to receive service on your Viewsats. So at this time I can not suggest anyone attempt to bypass the requirement by obtaining the CNX variation rather than the VS branded device.

For those wondering where the Viewsat Weather Forecaster can be bought here is the link for the site with all the info>>>

Viewsat N3 Channel List – Weather forcaster

Satellite Receiver

March 19, 2010

Satellite receivers are the electronic components on an earth station which decodes the microwaves and prepares satellite signals for viewing and listening. These receivers are the end components in the satellite system. The four most essential characteristics as offered by these satellite receivers include decoding the encrypted signal, converts the MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 signal into the analogy format so that the standard television sets can recognise, extracts channels according to one’s own need from the larger satellite signals and lastly it provides for the billing information as well as the pay per view information of the customer to the providers.

In short it can be said that they have evolved from a box into a piece of equipment that allows you to watch shows whenever you wish, proving you with crisp clear picture and recording your favourite shows when ever required.

In addition to these the satellite receiver also provides for features like picking up the programme signals from the provider and presenting the same in the form of an on-screen programme guide. Many of these receivers also provide for the parental lock out options, some of them have built in video recorders which let you pause the live television show or even provide you with the option of recording it.

These satellite receivers review have been acting as direct competitors for the digital cables which have barely managed to improve upon the picture quality and extended the channel selection. With its high quality picture and sound the satellite receivers have become a popular investment. Earlier these facilities were considered as luxuries but according to the present day scenario they have become an inevitable part of our lives.

Satellites TV, satellite radio, satellite internet are some of the forms being currently used. They are offering a lot many advantages over the other forms of digital systems. The use of satellite promotes customisation as well as provides variety to the customer. It satisfies the customer needs. These satellite receivers are very easy to set up and require minimal amount of hardware. Most of the companies are not even charging for its installation. The most popular feature of the satellite receiver is the offering of the programmes with any interruption in the form of commercials. You should be very particular in the selection of the satellite receiver and select that receiver which satisfies all your requirements.

These facilities of the satellite receivers can very easily be availed by you. For this purpose satellite retailers have been designed which equip you the information regarding the same only through a click. These retailers help you find qualified technicians and services in your own area. This helps you locate the company which answers all the queries that you have in mind regarding the digital satellite services. In order to locate a satellite dealer within the facility one is required to fill in the basic information and the stores in that area will be listed, from which the consumer can make a selection as per his requirements.

Satellite Has it All

March 19, 2010

For people that have actually paid some attention to the satellite TV industry for the last few decades, it is incredibly surprising to see just how far ahead of the competition the industry has gotten as compared with the scenario of a good while back. Such people will obviously know that in the initial days of satellite, few people gave the industry much hope at all-rather, it was generally assumed that satellite would always play second fiddle to the cable industry with (at least then) its superior service reliability and the greater variety of channels offered to viewers. Yet the times have changed, and quite drastically it would seem, as today satellite television has completely supplanted cable TV as the vanguard of home television services and anybody these days that wants to get the very best of the best knows that they have simply got to turn to a leading satellite provider. Indeed, the status quo has veered so drastically in favor of satellite that customer satisfaction ratings for the industry have been consistently higher than those for cable for approximately a decade already!

In a country like the US, one major advantage to choosing satellite that practically everybody is bound to notice is the superiority in terms of sports programming and packages. Satellite is the undisputed leader here, offering sport packages that simply have no equal on the cable market; such packages are not only available for the leading national games such as basketball, football and baseball but also for games that Americans are only recently learning to have a fling for such as soccer, rugby, tennis, and so on. The shining example of such a package would have to be the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is by now the most popular and highly-regarded sport package available on television, period. The Sunday Ticket has earned its reputation thanks to the many tremendous features which it offers, including but not limited to the ability to track given players (which the home viewer can select), to receive alerts on big plays or goings on in the league, and to watch several (eight to be precise) games on one screen all at the very same time! With these features, and the fact that absolutely every game is brought into the viewer’s home, the Sunday Ticket is simply unbeatable in terms of quality coverage and there are equivalents for other leagues and other games which will be sure to put enormous smiles on the faces of fans of any and every type.

And as for movies, satellite TV has got more than any home viewer could possibly know what to do with. In addition to all the best national networks such as HBO and so on, satellite providers expand the movie-quotient of their services in two ways: first, by offering a tremendous variety of international movies (something which you’d be hard pressed to find any cable company able to do); and second, by bringing as many such channels as possible into viewers’ homes in HD image quality. All in all, including all the other such channels, satellite companies offer almost 140 channels broadcasting nothing but high def programming-a dream come true!

Satellite TV

March 19, 2010

Ever seen a satellite TV which was as big as the whole roof of your house or might even be mistaken as a crashed UFO in your yard? But thanks to technology, the satellite TV is now created very compact and very easy to acquire.

Owning a satellite TV is very beneficial to die hard TV fans. It has become extremely popular since the programs channeled from all over the world makes the viewers or subscribers have a wide variety of programs.

Is it better than a broadcast provider? My answer is yes. If you will notice, a program viewed from broadcast signal is usually distorted. This is because of the thousands of people getting the same signal. The signal transmitted from one house to the broadcast site has too many interruptions while in satellite TV it is the other way around. Since their system is equipped with a specially designed radio transmitter and located way above the sky, their satellite dishes gets the signal very clearly. There are instances that you get signals from programs which are not intended to be viewed by audiences. They could even get NASA activities because they also transmit their information through a satellite. But then again, this problem has been solved by television satellite companies.

Satellite TV providers came up with the idea of attracting their subscribers with a very nice package suited specifically to different types of viewers. Cable TV providers have also the same concept but literally they all have the same goal. Their mission is to get their subscribers’ money worth and satisfaction.

Free to Air Receivers and FTA Files

March 13, 2010

Free-to-air satellite technology is a modern way of free televiewing that transmits broadcasts without necessitating subscription. Free-to-air programs are transmitted to satellite dishes, however, receivers and file supports are necessary. This is to ensure that you will be able to view the programs clear.

To be able to enjoy FTA programs, there are various things you need to know, such as:

· Which satellite supports the channel you wish to view

· The frequency of that FTA channel

· Symbol rate used by that FTA channel.

· The format of the broadcast from the FTA channel

Of course, knowing this is not the only thing you need, you will also need equipments. The gadgets or equipments you need to have include:

· Satellite dish (C Band or Ku Band)

· FTA Receivers and its corresponding file support

· If you want more than one satellite, you will need a rotor or antenna motor.

Satellite dish

You do not need a plate atop your roof that is bigger than you house, C Band or 6-foot satellite dish is a good choice. However, new FTA programs now moved to the Ku Band system, which is an FTA receiver with a remote control and a small dish (less than a meter).

FTA receiver and FTA FILES support

Depending on the source of the FTA receiver, your file support may be necessary. You will need to ensure that your FTA receiver will provide for file support system that is available on a 24/7. This is to ensure that should any problem surfaces, you will be ready and able to arrest the problem.

Rotor or antenna motor

The Ku Band system only points to one satellite, thus you will need a rotor that will allow you to point to more than one satellite. Of course, having a small satellite dish, you will need a good file support and thus the choice of FTA receiver provider is a must.

I may need to mention at this point that given the right satellite dish, FTA receiver and file support, you may be able to connect to as much as two hundred FTA satellite and digital channels and these channels comes from various parts of the world including Australia, India, Europe and New Zealand.

All the programs received via free-to-air channels are unencrypted, it is broadcasted as it is and thus, the language will be the same at it is.

No monthly fees to endure with your viewing, but you will need to watch it with lengthy introduction and some promotional gimmicks.

One particular FTA channel will give you FTA programs but will have interruptions that requests for donations. This works like the television commercial you hate receiving. Anyway, what is a commercial if you do not need to pay monthly subscription dues?

Of course, this depends you your preference. I, for one, wanted free-to-air technology.

What is Free to Air Satellite TV

March 11, 2010

Free to Air Satellite receiver (shorter is FTA ) refers on the way to satellite receivers that are designed on the way to collect unencrypted FTA satellite transmissions. By these satellite receivers, solitary can with permission receive Television alerts not including subscription. The pointer mean usually encoded in an Mpg2 film in addition to may be limited geographically.

During a few places in the region of the world, nation be capable of collect encrypted Open to Air satellite channels all through the UHF and VHF band. The programs transmitted through Free to Air satellite TV are received by utilizing a usual MPEG-2 video companionable satellite receiver. Several populace make use of FTA to receive 1000’s of satellite TV channels free of charge.

The equipment needed designed for you to benefit from the freebies are an FTA receiver (and at this time lone has a alternative between Conaxsat, Pansat, Coolsat as well as numerous new famous trademark names) and a satellite dish inside the specifics essential through the satellite one requests on the way to point at.

On the other hand, many satellites no more than require a standard DTV accommodating dish that can be alive easily set up in any satellite TV or digital store. Both C-band as well as K-Band dishes work really fine. If you hope to collect channels from additional than one satellite, you wish as well require to include an satellite dish motor and the LNBF.

In order on the way to achieve the setting up of the approach, you will want to include a coaxial cable television running as of the dish in addition to building its way to the FTA receiver that ought to exist attached to the TV. This mean typically the mainly not easy part.

Although pointing the dish is not extremely complex, numerous group would choose on the way to use an experienced individual to glue it on the roof of the building. It mean significant to make sure so as to the best FTA support services are obtained.

The user can next go on the way to the features of the FTA receiver also pick the satellite to spot to. Usual firmware improvements will make sure that the device works efficiently. The FTA keys will must to be entered manually, plus as a result its important to stay recognizable with this route. Options can be different between separate satellite receivers.